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excutive or special meeting

Guest Mike Bradds

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Attendance; is a legionaire allowed to sit in & listen at these meetings?

Your use of terms in your topic and question has me confused.  Exactly what type of meeting are you referring to?   A Board of Directors?  An executive session (a closed or secret session)?  A special, but open meeting of either the board of directors or executive board?  A special closed (secret) session of such a body?   


A meeting of an executive board is one thing.  An executive session is something else.  A special meeting is something still different and can be held in either open session or executive (secret) session.

Members of the assembly that is meeting have a right to attend. Others can attend only if the assembly permits it.

I agree with Josh, based on the limited information you provided, but want to emphasize that you should check your bylaws.  If this is part of a large national organization, as I suspect it may be, there may well be a bylaw provision or other rule regarding regular members attending meetings of its board of directors or executive board (or executive committee).  

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