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Changing Officers Roles mid-meeting

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"And if not who do we have that will take the munutes?". That's not so much from Parliamentary procedure but more real life experience. Most people are loathe to take the minutes. If however they stuck to that which was REQUIRED to be kept in the minutes (See RONR(11th ed.), p.468-471.) it wouldn't be so bad. You generally are only required to record what actually got done(mostly motions made) and most organizations don't get much done. They just talk, which is not required in the minutes, leaving the minutes properly recorded to be rather brief.

So the point is you are unlikely to have any objection to someone else being shangheid into keeping the minutes once the Secretary leaves. That is going to mean if handled the way Dr Stackpole suggests, it will pass by unanimous consent most likely.(that should be recorded in the minutes. :rolleyes: )

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