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During our first meeting, after the board members were voted on, our President said that our meetings was going to be ran under Roberts rules for organization, but they never put it in the floor vote a motion or anything. It was clearly stated. Now some of the board members won't go by the Roberts rules now. Does the board have to follow them since it was stated and not voted on. any idea what to do now?

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What parliamentary manual do those other members want to use?   Do they want to "wing it" with no parliamentary manual?


Do your bylaws contain a provision regarding your parliamentary authority?  It is usually near the end of the bylaws.  If so, then whatever manual the bylaws specify is your parliamentary and that can be changed only by amending the bylaws.


If the bylaws are silent, then the society can adopt a motion establishing RONR or any other manual as your parliamentary authority.   Doing so is in the nature of adopting a special rule of order and requires previous notice and a two-thirds vote or the vote of a majority of the entire membership. 


If no parliamentary authority is specified anywhere in your rules, then the chairman is free to use whatever manual he wants to as a guide for himself, and he can ask that everyone go along with that request, but he does not have the authority to dictate that it shall be the society's parliamentary authority. 


If you proceed with no adopted parliamentary authority, you are likely to have chaos because everyone will have a different idea of what the correct procedure should be.


My suggestion is that you officially adopt RONR asap.   The appropriate language for adopting it is on page 588 in the sample bylaws.


Edited to add:  I suggest that you read pages 15 - 17 in RONR regarding rules of order and the adoption of a parliamentary authority (such as RONR).

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Does the board have to follow them since it was stated and not voted on?


No. The President does not have the authority to unilaterally declare what rules the board will follow.


any idea what to do now?


Adopt RONR as your parliamentary authority. See here for more information.


In the meantime, the organization will follow the common parliamentary law, to the extent that there is agreement among the members about what the common parliamentary law is. A recognized manual on parliamentary procedure (such as RONR) may be cited as persuasive in such cases, but it is not binding.

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