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Treasurer has asked that all questions or comments be asked solely to her before brought up at a Board Meeting

Guest Eve Jones

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I am member of The Board of Directors for a non profit.  Our Treasurer posted an email to all Board Members that all questions or comments be sent to her in advance of a Board Meeting so that the questions or comments will not unduly disrupt the Board proceedings.

We operate under Robert's Rules of Order. 


Is this request proper?

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She can request anything she wants to request.  No rule says you have to grant her request.  There is certainly no such rule in RONR.  Whether you agree to her request is up to you and the others on the board.  Her intentions may be honorable and she really wants to avoid delaying meetings.  It can definitely speed things up if it would consume several minutes of board time for her to look something up during a meeting.  On the other hand, she may have something to hide and doesn't want surprises or to be confronted during a meeting.


I will say that in my experience it is a rather unusual request.


Note:  Questions about reports immediately following the giving of a report (such as the treasurer's report) are in order during the meeting.  You might see this thread for more information on questions about reports during a meeting:  http://robertsrules.forumflash.com/index.php?/topic/23051-reports/

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