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Learning Roberts Rules-how?

Guest Regrets

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AIP doesn't require an exam to join, although Certification and "Certified Professional" do. 


NAP does require an exam which is quite basic for membership, and tougher exams for "Registered" and "Rgistered Professional" status.


A fair part of the "keeping up" (once you get there) is just doing what parliamentarians do, not necessarily taking formal CEU classes.


Contact either org for more details  --  get them from the horse's mouth, not elsewhere.


Contact either (or both) the ...

National Association of Parliamentarians
213 South Main St.
Independence, MO  64050-3850

Phone: 888-627-2929
Fax: 816-833-3893;  
e-mail: hq@NAP2.org  


American Institute of Parliamentarians
618 Church Street, Ste 220
Nashville, TN 37219

phone: 888-664-0428
e-mail: aip@aipparl.org
<< www.aipparl.org >>

for a reference or information.  Both organizations offer training and contacts with local parliamentarians.

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