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Good afternoon, I am the president of a school Mothers' Club and need advice, Our Club meets once a month. The first meeting with members was in September, 2015. The treadure's report was not given at the September meeting. There were banking issues that were not resolved for several weeks, not because of any wrong-doing on our part. They've been rectified.

When asking for an update, the treasurer told me she should have something for our November meeting. I did not feel it was right to make members wait for information. Below is a by-law in our handbook that speaks directly to my question.

" She (treasuer) shall make monthly reports of money received and paid out at each Business and Board Meeting."

The next business meeting is in Novemer 2015. We are having a Halloween party in October 2015 and no business is conducted at the October meeting.

Since the next business meeting is not until November 2015, my treasurer has rudely expressed that she has read the by-laws and she's done nothing wrong. She has the right to get it together for the November meeting.

I feel that isince it was not prepared and presented at the September meeting that the members should not have to wait until November 2015. This is one of her duties and it's imperative to get something together immediately.

Please advise if she is correct and waiting until the November 2015 meeting is not violating any by-laws.

Thank you,

Marie Sullivan

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Thank you! Does it matter that one was given at September meeting?


Why would it? The fact that a report was not made at the business meeting in September would not make a report be required at the non-business meeting in October. By the same token, making a report in October won't change the fact that no report was made in September. I concur with my colleague that, based on the information provided, the bylaws do not appear to require the Treasurer to make a report at the meeting in October, since it is not a business meeting. Ultimately, of course, it will be up to your organization to interpret its own bylaws.


The board or the society could possibly order the Treasurer to make additional reports, but it could only do this at a business meeting.

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