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Conflicting motion against an executive boards recommendation

Guest Thatguy

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My question is can a chair of a meeting make a motion that has already been turned down by the Executive board? 

Further information:

A motion was brought before our executive board and failed. The executive board passed another recommendation to bring in front of the body. As the chair of the executive board made the recommendation (which was seconded) the chair of the union meeting brought up the motion that failed in the executive board. Is it out of order to bring a motion to the floor that has already been turned down by the Executive board?

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It is a popular "myth" that -- the identical motion which was rejected recently (how recent?) is (somehow) prevented from being moved in a future meeting (how future?).

Under Robert's Rules of Order, a rejected motion can be moved again in a new order of business (technically, a new "session").


A "session" may or may not imply a single meeting. -- See conventions, which are treated as one long session (i.e., one order of business), even though there are several consecutive meetings, dedicated to that single order of business.

For the average monthly meeting of the average nonprofit organization, the formula is, with rare exception:

1 meeting  =  1 session  (or, one order of business)

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