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Can committee of the whole request board go in executive session?

Guest Diane Yunker

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2 hours ago, Guest Diane Yunker said:

Yes, Nancy N. The same members comprise the Board as comprise the Committee of the Whole.

Dear Ms Yunker.  Not that I'm trying to dodge your question (I'm only frantically trying to dodge answering it), but have you already read Section 52 of RONR, which is on this subject?  I ask because how I respond will be distinctly different if you have read it and didn't find the answer there, or if you haven't yet had the opportunity to look for yourself and need the answer quick. Not that I (and outrider doppelganger Nancy, that teenage pest) am the only available respondent, but still, it's poor form to fob off a job on someone else when one has begun it.

(And I have all these zombie episodes to catch up on before Sunday.)

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