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Unjustified punishment.

Guest mcb

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I was Secretary at a members club .I had gotten into a conversation with a bartender.while  i was off duty because I had been drinking the conversation got a little out of hand but I had told the bartender that I didn't want to talk .but she kept coming at me.so finally  I did talk ..  after our conversation. She hugged me n I left...she then told another bartender about our conversation n she then told a bar manager. Bar manager reported me to the board  . I went before the board n they barred me for 6 months.. mind you I have been a good member of good standings for 14 yrs never been in trouble before this episode..  but there was another board member who numerous times over the 6 month period was sexually assaulting  female members..he had  been barred numerous times .and only got 30 days barred. Do I have any way of doing  anything?

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On 3/15/2017 at 9:33 AM, Guest mcb said:

Q. Do I have any way of doing  anything?

No. Not within anything in Robert's Rules of Order.

Where customized rules are involved, they will take priority over the default disciplinary rules within one's parliamentary authority.


See if your rules contain an appeal process of some kind. (There isn't any within Robert's Rules of Order.)


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