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completing an election

Kim Goldsworthy

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It would appear that sometimes, no notice is necessary to elect officers.


See page 444.


TION. If an assembly wishes to adjourn when an election
is incomplete, an adjourned meeting (9) should be provided
for. If such an adjourned meeting is not provided for and the
organization will hold another regular business session before
a quarterly time interval has elapsed (see pp. 89‑90), the elec‑
tion is completed at the next regular meeting.

But then see page 468.


Notice of filling a vacancy in an office (including a vacancy
 in an executive board or executive committee) must always
be given to the members of the body that will elect the person
to fill it, unless the bylaws or special rules of order clearly pro-
vide otherwise.

Note that page 444 makes no mention of notice.

Thus, it would appear as if page 444 contradicts page 468, which says that notice "must always be given".

Q. What is the solution to this apparent contradiction?


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8 hours ago, Joshua Katz said:

There is no contradiction - an incomplete election is not the same thing as a vacancy.  

An incomplete election can result in a vacancy. A vacancy is whenever there is no one in an office. Depending on how the bylaws are worded, an incomplete election may have that effect.

Nonetheless, I agree that there is no contradiction. The assembly is not beginning a new election, it is completing an election which has already begun, and for which there is already some form of notice - either notice to fill a vacancy or the fact that the bylaws specify when the regular elections shall be held. In much the same way, the fact that notice is required for a special meeting does not mean notice is required for an adjourned meeting, and the fact that previous notice is required for certain motions does not mean notice must be given again if that motion is postponed.

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