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We have currently set up our unapproved minutes from a previous meeting to be published in our newsletter to the members. This is in lieu of them being read at the next. It is published as unapproved and is noted that they are to be voted on at the next meeting. Does the secretary, after typing them up, need to show to the president for okay before they are published? Is it necessary to show to other members of the board?

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Need to show? No, the only people who need to see (or hear) the secretary's draft minutes are the members of whatever body's meeting the minutes are for, i.e. - the board, the general membership - since they are the ones that have the responsibility to correct and approve them. The secretary can, of course, chose to share the minutes with the president or other members, but is under no obligation to accept any suggested changes from those members. Just be sure that draft minutes that are circulated are clearly labeled as 'draft', as you seem to be doing.

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