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20 minutes ago, Guest shelly said:

if you have a non profit organization and the president cancels the regular meeting without getting approval from the board can a member of the board over rule him and keep the meeting scheduled?

Yes, the meeting can and should be held as scheduled. The president does not have the authority to cancel a meeting unless so authorized by the society’s rules. (For that matter, the board doesn’t have the authority to cancel a meeting either, unless so authorized by the society’s rules, or if the meeting was scheduled by resolution and the board decides to cancel it at a board meeting.)

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Agreeing with Mr. Martin, the other members can still show up for the meeting which the president tried to cancel. If they have a quorum, they can still conduct business and adopt motions just as effectively as they could have if the president had not tried to cancel the meeting.

However, even though not authorized by RONR, cancelling meetings is a fairly regular phenomenon, usually due to bad weather or some other unforeseen circumstance. It has been my experience that when a president does "cancel" a meeting the members generally acquiesce and consent to the cancellation. However, the members do still have the right to show up and conduct the meeting without the president, assuming a quorum is present.

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