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Special called meetings

Guest Mike

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During a special called meeting an action item was added to the agenda and was allowed inadvertently. Action was taken on the item. What is the solution to address the fact it should not have been allowed as it was a special called meeting.

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Ratify the action at the next meeting.

From page 124 of RONR regarding when the motion to ratify is appropriate.  What happened falls squarely within the second bulleted point:

"The motion to ratify (also called approve or confirm) is an incidental main motion that is used to confirm or make valid an action already taken that cannot become valid until approved by the assembly. Cases where the procedure of ratification is applicable include:
    •    action improperly taken at a regular or properly called meeting at which no quorum was present;
    •    action taken at a special meeting with regard to business not mentioned in the call of that meeting;
    •    action taken by officers, committees, delegates, or subordinate bodies in excess of their instructions or authority;
[page 125] •    action taken by a local unit that requires approval of the state or national organization; or
    •    action taken by a state or national society subject to approval by its constituent units."

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