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Disruptive speaker

Guest motor 2831

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Is the speaker a member? If not, you can kick him out. If so, see the discussion in RONR of penalties for offenses within a meeting. In short, you call him to order, then name the offender, then the assembly itself can use an abbreviated disciplinary procedure to deal with him.

If you've kicked him out but he has refused to leave, call the police or other legally-authorized personnel, such as private security.

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Guest Who's Coming to Dinner

No, you can't shut down the meeting by yourself unless Mr. Charming presents an immediate danger to the members. However, you could say that a motion to recess is welcome and hopefully a member would so move. The break would be an opportunity to get the offender to cool down or to pressure him to leave. If he stays, the group can decide to formally eject him when you reconvene.

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