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Board Member resignation

Guest Jim W

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1 hour ago, Guest Jim W said:

If a Board Member, that is a member at large, resigns; does that need to be accepted by a vote of the board or can the President of the Board accept the resignation. The Bylaws do not specify any Board Member resignation procedures.

"The power to appoint or elect persons to any office or board carries with it the power to accept their resignations, and also the power to fill any vacancy occurring in it, unless the bylaws expressly provide otherwise. In the case of a society whose bylaws confer upon its executive board full power and authority over the society's affairs between meetings of the society's assembly . . . without reserving to the society itself the exclusive right to fill vacancies, the executive board is empowered to accept resignations and fill vacancies between meetings of the society's assembly." RONR (11th ed.), p. 467, ll. 25-25 


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