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Background: A board went to closed session re: a sensitive administrative plan, staffing model, positions and personnel. The plan was approved and submitted to a council for consideration/approval. That entity's minutes are open and document the board's closed session motion. Now that the plan is implemented (that is, no longer sensitive), question has been raised on whether the board's closed session minutes should be opened. Is there support or discouragement for this? Recommended approach/procedure?

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Whether the board's minutes should be "opened" or not is completely up to the members of the board -- majority decision.

Reading between lines, I suspect that those board minutes contain far more material than RONR requires in minutes documents -- see page 468 for what is really required.  If you stuck to the "include what was done, NOT what was said" rule, then it would seem that there would be little or no public "difficulty" in opening them.  They would contain only the motions adopted and passed on to the council, which have become public anyway.   But if the minutes contained debate and argument (particularly if individual's points of view were noted) then you could have a problem.

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