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Minimum voting age in non-profit corporation by state

Bryce Sullivan

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You are right that it is a legal, rather than a parliamentary, question.  However, what do you mean by "minimum age for voting in a corporation meeting"?   Are you referring to a stockholder's meeting in a for profit corporation?   A board of directors meeting?  A non-profit, non-stock corporation members meeting?   Those distinctions are important.  

Edited to add:  btw, Bryce, you might can find a site with a complete list by doing a Google search, but I suspect you will have to do a state  by state search for this info. 

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I tried the google search option. I'm specifically referring to a nonprofit corporation. I know in the state of Tennessee (where I live) there is no legal requirements that members of a nonprofit corporation to be 18 or older to vote. I understand, however, that some states have such a limit. So I was just trying to find a list. I'll try some more searching!

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