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Can only 1 or 2 members of a group decide actions to take without discussing them in a meeting with all the members?

Guest Julie Wojtowick

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14 minutes ago, Guest Julie Wojtowick said:

Can 1 or 2 members of a group decide actions to take that involve the group without discussing it at a meeting of all the members?


7 minutes ago, Greg Goodwiller, PRP said:

The simple answer is no. But I suspect that there are more details you might need to give us to more fully answer your question.

My answer is going to be slightly from that of my friend (and the highly esteemed) Dr. Goodwiller.

Two members may get together and decide on what actions THEY themselves intend to take involving the group.  Their decisions, of course, are not binding on the group.  It's called many things, including plotting political strategy, trying to get a plan of action for the meeting, coordinating a coup, and on and on.  They can talk and plan and plot all they want to.... as individuals.

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