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By-Laws Modifications and additions

Mike F.

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  • Hi folks,

Got a question on making 2 modifications in a By-Law article called #3 in a  section 5. A and  a section #6-1. I also have an addition to the same article #3 section #5  that has an established (A) and a (B) and need to add a new addition would be known as (C). 

Now with that, do we have to run the 2 modifications and the addition as 2 separate By-Law modifications and 1 addition, or can we combine the 3 together as one reading of all 3 being that they are all in the same Article?

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I think the question is whether multiple amendments may be proposed in a single motion. They may, as far as the rules in RONR are concerned, but if they are not conforming amendments (i.e. amendments which would create illogical outcomes if one but not another were adopted) the motion may be divided under the rules to divide the question. (Note that one form of amendment is called "strike out and insert" and this question is not as easily divisible as two amendments, since it is in fact one question, but that form of amendment only works if the strike-out and insertion are in the same place, or if the same words are to be struck in one place and inserted in another.) 

But it also appears that this question concerns some custom rules of the assembly, note the reference to "one reading," in which case some interpretation of your rules may be required, which only your organization can do. We might be able to point you in the right direction, though, if you tell us what your rules are.

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