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Board Committee Minutes


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All minutes, whether of the general membership, a board or a convention, should be signed by the secretary. Here is the applicable language from page 471:

THE SIGNATURE. Minutes should be signed by the secretary and can also be signed, if the assembly wishes, by the president. The words Respectfully submitted—although occasionally used—represent an older practice that is not essential in signing the minutes.

Note:  If you have a customized rule that provides otherwise, you should follow your own rule.

Edited to add:   I just realized you referred to the minutes of a board COMMITTEE.  Committees do not usually keep minutes as such, but the chair keeps notes as necessary.  The following language on page 500 is illustrative:  "COMMITTEE PROCEDURE. In small committees, the chairman usually acts as secretary, but in large ones and many standing committees, a secretary may be chosen to keep a brief memorandum in the nature of minutes for the use of the committee."

RONR makes no reference as to whether or by whom committee minutes should be signed.

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