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missing deadline to submit report of nominating committee

Guest marc

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A while ago I typed a supplemental response to my post above, but for some reason it didn't post.  So, here we go again:

Guest Marc, if it is too late for the nominating committee to meet and make a report, such as might be the case if the election meeting is today, you still  have other options.

First, you can just forget about having a report from the nominating committee and take nominations from the floor.  Also, write in votes must be allowed unless prohibited by your bylaws.  The failure to have a nominating committee report would not render the elections void.  It should have been done but wasn't done and that's that. Life goes on.

Another alternative is to  postpone the elections.  Here is how you would do that:  At the election  meeting, once the  elections become the pending item of business on the agenda or in the order of business, the assembly may postpone the elections until the next meeting (or until an adjourned meeting or a special meeting).  You can also adopt a motion  requiring the nominating committee to meet and report its nominations prior to or at the postponed meeting.  If it's necessary to elect the nominating committee, you may do so at the same time.  Then, at the postponed meeting,  proceed with your elections as your normally would do, keeping in mind that nominations must still be permitted from  the floor and write in candidates must also be permitted unless prohibited by your bylaws. 


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