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Motions during a meeting

Guest Denise

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You make your motion by saying "I move that . . . . ", such as "I move that we paint the clubhouse red". Someone seconds the motion. The motion then gets debated. During debate the motion is subject to being amended, such as by changing the paint color from red to green. A vote is then taken on the motion.

That is the Cliff Notes version of how a motion is handled. For more information on the basics, I strongly suggest that you get a copy of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief, abbreviated as RONR In Brief and sometimes just as RONRIB.  Here is a link to it:  http://www.robertsrules.com/inbrief.html

Edited to add:  As to "How do you make it carry?", you argue in favor of the motion during debate.  Most motions require a majority vote for passage.  Also, before you can make your motion (or speak on it during debate) you must first be recognized by the chair.  Customs within organizations vary, but technically you should stand and say "Mr. Chairman" at the appropriate time and wait to be recognized. 

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Added link to RONR In Brief and last paragraph
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