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Guest nathan

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4 minutes ago, Guest nathan said:

question does a special meeting require a quorum 

Yes.  A quorum is necessary in order to conduct any business.  In the absence of a quorum, only four things (motions) are in order:

1. A motion to  adjourn.

2. A motion to "fix the time to which to adjourn", in other words, to set an adjourned meeting,  such as, "to meet again tomorrow at the same time and place".

3. A motion to take a recess.  The time in recess can be used to wait for others to arrive or to take steps to obtain a quorum, such as calling absent members (see No. 4 below).

4. Take steps to obtain a quorum as mentioned in No. 3 above.  This will usually involve calling absent members.

Those four actions are the only actions which may be validly taken in the absence of a quorum.

If there is an emergency and a decision must be made immediately on something substantive despite the absence of a quorum, such as emergency roof or plumbing repairs, in order for the action (the decision) to be valid, the decision must be ratified by the society at a future meeting. 

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