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Guest Hopeless

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Just now, Guest Hopeless said:

Is there any hope in a situation where not one member even cares about what a bylaw is, never mind upholding a declaration in them to use RONR?


If by hope, you mean hope of getting them to behave according to parliamentary procedure, then I'd say no, unless there happen to be applicable laws that can be enforced legally. Parliamentary procedure enables organizations to conduct their business more effectively, fairly, and efficiently, and is designed for organizations that desire that outcome. 

But the way to win them over is not to demand that they uphold a declaration to use RONR. The best way to convince people to use RONR is to convince them that it is in their best interests to do so - that they can go home earlier because their meetings will end sooner, for instance. 

2 minutes ago, Guest Hopeless said:

Have any of you been in a situation where people laughed at or became angered at the mere mention of RONR?

People, yes, but not a majority.

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