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When is an election final?


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I'm looking for the citation of when an election is final. Who can help me?

I'm also hoping to get direction of when it is discovered AFTER an election that one of those who voted may not have been eligible to vote, yet was credentialed to vote by the body.. 

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TIME AT WHICH AN ELECTION TAKES EFFECT. An election to an office becomes final immediately if the candidate is present and does not decline, or if he is absent but has consented to his candidacy. If he is absent and has not consented to his candidacy, the election becomes final when he is notified of his election, provided that he does not immediately decline. If he does decline, the election is incomplete, and another vote can be taken immediately or at the next meeting without further notice. After an election has become final as stated in this paragraph, it is too late to reconsider (37) the vote on the election.

RONR 11th edition, page 444.


Otherwise, an election may be contested only by raising a point of order. The general rule is that such a point of order must be timely, as described on page 250, line 30 to page 251, line 2. If an election is disputed on the ground that a quorum was not present, the provisions on page 349, lines 21-28, apply. Other exceptions to the general timeliness requirement are those that come within the five categories listed on page 251, lines 9-23, in which cases a point of order can be made at any time during the continuance in office of the individual declared elected. For example:

- If an individual does not meet the qualifications for the post...(snipped)

- If there was a previously valid election for the same term, the subsequent election...(snipped)

- If the votes of nonmembers or absentees in the election affect the result, action has been taken in violation of the fundamental principle of parliamentary law that the right to vote is limited to the members of an organization who are actually present at the time the vote is taken.

- If an election to fill a vacancy is held without required previous notice, ...(snipped)

- If a number of members sufficient to affect the result are improperly prevented from voting in an election,...(snipped)

RONR 11th edition, page 445. (Yours is the third bullet item.)

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