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Just now, Guest Laurie said:

When a committee is submitting a report to the board, does a motion and second need to be made before the report is given, if it's likely there will be discussion?

No, not for just giving the report.


1 minute ago, Guest Laurie said:

Or does the motion and second happen after the report is given to accept the report?

There should be no motion to "accept" reports.  Reports are given and then that is that unless the assembly is actually adopting the committee report as its own report.  However, if the report contains a recommendation, then the chairman of the committee (or the reporting member) moves, on behalf of the committee, that the recommendations be adopted.  No second is needed on a motion to adopt the recommendations contained in a report as long as the committee has more than one member.  The rationale for not requiring a second to committee reports is that at least two people have already considered and agree to the recommendations... otherwise, they would never have been in the report.

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