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Changing grammar and moving sections in bylaws

Guest Marti

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Our National organization is making some minor as well as major changes to the bylaws. My question, as Chair of the bylaw committee, is how to recommend presenting these 'minor' changes to the  membership, which are as follows:

1. change the use of "he" to "he/she" in each occurrence of the word "he". Should the ballot question be on the order of "All occurrences of he shall become he/she?"

2. Moving a section that refers to the other sections in that Article up to become Section 1 WITHOUT changes to the wording but simply changing the order of the sections.. Does this require a membership vote?

3. Because the organization is proposing to change the Fiscal Year to correspond to the Calendar year, there are numerous places in the bylaws that require a date/deadline to be changed. Is it enough to vote on the fiscal year change with the explanation that this will effect all pertinent deadlines? OR should all deadlines be highlighted but specifically worded so a  vote  for the fiscal year change includes every date change?

Thank you for your advice


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