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2/3 vote

Guest Jamie

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I interpret those two motions as requiring a two thirds vote, i.e., two thirds of the votes actually cast, regardless of the members present and regardless of abstentions. 

Edited to add:  Both motions should have been declared to have passed per the rules in RONR unless you have some superior written rule to the contrary defining the vote required otherwise.  Abstentions and recusals are ignored.

Edited by Richard Brown
Added last paragraph then amended it once or twice
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2 hours ago, Guest Jamie said:

Please see the attached bullets. I blocked out names. Does this make sense? I thought it was 2/3 votes cast?

Based upon the facts presented, and assuming there are no rules on this matter in the organization’s rules or applicable law, the chair’s declaration that the second motion failed appears to have been in error. It is too late, however, to raise a Point of Order to that effect at this time.

A member could attempt to make the motion again at a future meeting.

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