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Nominating Committee Members

Guest Fishinthesea

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As a part of our meeting we elect two individuals to serve on a committee for a two year term each.  Is the appropriate method for the chair to call for nominations for the first position, close nominations, and then call for nominations for the second position?  Or should the chair call for all nominations for both the first and second position at once and then go to a ballot vote if more than two people are nominated?  Is it appropriate to say that the chair does not need to call for a second on the nominations?  


Please help! 

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Assuming these two positions are identical with respect to committee membership, it would seem more efficient to call for all nominations at one time. You can then go to a ballot vote if there are more than two nominees, although it is not necessary. A voice vote, rising vote, or show of hands vote could also be used.

Yes it is appropriate - nominations do not require seconds.

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