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Who does the job until a position is filled?

Guest Mari

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Our organization bylaws include an officer who is in charge of fund raising activities.  That position is currently open and our by laws do not state how the job of that officer is to be handled until we are able to find and elect a new person to that office. The president feels that  decisions and activities for fund raising should be handled by the board of directors, but others feel a committee should be appointed by the president to handle fund raising until we find someone willing to be elected to the position. I can't seem to find this situation in Robert's rules. Advice please?


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Agreeing with Dr. Kapur’s comments, it does seem to me that the board could probably appoint a committee, even perhaps a committee of one person, to handle at least some of the fundraising activities until such time as the position is filled.

Knowing more about what the bylaws say would be helpful, but I do not believe, based on what we have been told, that the board itself must handle every small detail of every fundraising activity in the interim.

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