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Reading by laws

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An organization interprets its own bylaws through points of order and appeals. You would speak to an attorney about legal consequences.

On the second, we can't help you with that.

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2 hours ago, Guest Ben said:

If a by law is unclear is a lawyer the person you would ask if to clarify?


2 hours ago, Ben said:


A lawyer would be one person (although by no means the only person) who might be consulted for advice on such matters. A professional parliamentarian would be another possibility. If the society is a subordinate chapter of a larger state or national organization, consulting the parent organization would also be advisable. Another possibility which comes to mind is to consult with members of similar societies.

Ultimately, the society itself will determine the meaning of its own bylaws, but seeking advice from a third party may be beneficial. In the long run, the rule in question should be amended so that it is clear.

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