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The meeting after an email vote

Guest kelly.ediebruckart@gmail.c

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1 hour ago, Guest kelly.ediebruckart@gmail.c said:

If we approve a motion via email, do we have to re-vote on the issue at the next meeting?

Not unless your bylaws require it, which would be somewhat unusual. However, the bigger question is whether your bylaws permit email voting in the first place. Do they? If not, then email Voting is not permitted and a vote taken by email is not binding and is really nothing more than a straw poll.  

However, if the matter was of great importance and urgency, such as whether to authorize the president to spend up to $2000 to repair roof damage caused by a tornado, and the president relies upon that electronic vote to pay a Contractor $2000 for the repair, the assembly may, at a later meeting, ratify the actions of the president in spending the money for the roof repair.

Note that that is not the same thing as ratifying the illegal vote. It is ratifying the actions of the president which were actually taken without authorization.

see official interpretation 20 20–1 on the main website for more information about what actions can be ratified.

Edited to add: here is a link to the official interpretations. Scroll way down to official interpretation 2020-1. https://robertsrules.com/official-interpretations/


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