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This sounds like an organization that is subject to "open meetings" or "sunshine" laws and you should look in those laws and/or to a lawyer experienced in those laws in your jurisdiction for the answer.

As far as RONR says, an assembly is absolutely free to restrict attendance at meetings to members. But any laws that apply to your organization supersede RONR.

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18 hours ago, Guest krogers605@gmail.com said:

Is a work session meeting open to the public?

Agreeing with Dr. Kapur, more information is necessary. If this is a public body, then your state’s  open meetings laws likely come in to play. Because you asked whether such a meeting is “open to the public“, I am assuming this probably is a public body and that your reference to “the public“ means members of the general public. 

if our assumptions are not correct, then please clarify what type organization this is and what you mean when you refer to “the public“. 

Edited to add: generally, only members of an organization have a right to attend its meetings. However, when it comes to public bodies such as city councils, school boards, etc., state or local law often provides that members of the public have the right to attend meetings of those public bodies.


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