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voting at a vitural meeting

Guest GloriaK

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In discussing electronic meetings, in the 11th edition, it states that votes held during a virtual meeting should be voted on again at the next face to face meeting.  The 12th edition does not have that statement.  Does that mean that votes at a virtual meeting are treated like a face to face meeting and does not have to be voted on again?

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It appears that you are referring to what needs to be done if electronic meetings are not authorized in your bylaws. In both the 11th and 12th editions, actions taken at an electronic meeting under those conditions need to be taken again in person when that is possible, and actions of officers and others taken on the basis of those actions (ie, in carrying out what those actions mandated) need to be ratified.

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33 minutes ago, Guest GloriaK said:

Where in the 12th edition? I can't find it.

Guest Gloria, you might also take a look at Official Interpretation 2020-1 on the main website.  They are listed by year and then by number within each year.  Scroll way down to 2020-1:  https://robertsrules.com/official-interpretations/


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