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Editing Board Minutes After Approval

Guest Trisha

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We have board minutes that were already approved, now 6 months later we realized the details of the motion were not included. We have discussed the need to edit the minutes at the  executive board meeting and have a motion for these minutes to be edited. Do I actually edit the minutes and submit for approval in the next board packet? 

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You make a motion to correct the minutes to say what you believe they should say using the motion to amend something previously adopted.  It Is essentially the same process you use for correcting the minutes when they are first being approved, but in this case it requires a two-thirds vote or the vote of a majority of the entire board unless previous notice of the intent to a make the motion was given. 

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"If the existence of an error or material omission in the minutes becomes reasonably established after their approval—even many years later—the minutes can then be corrected by means of the motion to Amend Something Previously Adopted (35), which requires a two-thirds vote, or a majority vote with notice, or the vote of a majority of the entire membership, or unanimous consent. In such a case the content of the original minutes must not be altered, although it may be advisable for the secretary to make a marginal notation indicating the corrected text or referring to the minutes of the meeting at which the correction was adopted. The minutes of the latter meeting must include the full text of the motion to Amend Something Previously Adopted, which necessarily includes all information required to construct an accurate record of the actions taken at the earlier meeting."   RONR, 12th ed., 48:15

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