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Action Allowed While Seated

Guest Bdw2003

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13 minutes ago, Guest Bdw2003 said:

What actions are allowed while seated other than seconding a motion, making nominations, or calling for a division of the assembly to verify an inconclusive voice or show of hands vote by retaking it as an uncounted rising vote?

Presumably this question relates to an assembly which is not using the rules for small boards and committees. Voting itself can be done while seated for most (but not all) of the forms of voting. Suggestions to fill a blank (which are similar to nominations) may also be made while seated.

If the assembly is using the rules for small boards and committees, then pretty much everything can be done while seated.

Is this asked purely out of curiosity, or is there more to the question than this?

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2 minutes ago, Guest Bdw2003 said:

Curiosity regarding what motions can be made while remaining seated.

I'm not aware of a "list" of motions that can be made while seated, but I would think that a point of order could be made while seated if the matter is urgent enough and by the time a member could rise to make the point of order it might no longer be timely.  This could occur when things are happening quickly, the member has various papers and a laptop or tablet and his copy of RONR on his lap and by the time he could move them to the floor or a chair next to him in order to stand it will be too late for his point of order.  In that case, I think it would be perfectly permissible to shout "Point of Order" while still seated.

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