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VP is elected President before his term expires. When to hold election for VP?

Joe Sq

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We recently changed our bylaws to two-year terms with the President and VP expiring in alternate years. Terms expire on December 31. The President term expires this year, the VP term expires next year. If the VP runs for and is elected President, am I correct in assuming the VP position remains filled until the first of the year and only becomes vacant on January 1 when the current VP assumes his new position? At that time we would then hold a special election? We neglected to account for this in the bylaw change which of course will be addressed in the next update.

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If the bylaws don't address the situation, the VP would presumably resign from his position as VP effective January, and the normal vacancy-filling procedures would be invoked.  Whoever is authorized to accept the resignation is presumed to be authorized to elect and appoint a replacement.

This may or may not be equivalent to a full special election.  In any case any non-regular election requires previous notice.

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