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When can someone vote?

Need advice

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1 hour ago, Need advice said:

If the vote has been taken with 3 aye and 3 nay votes, and there are 7 directors on the board, can the 7th then decide to vote? (after the 3-3 vote?)

The member may vote if the chair has not yet announced the result. If the chair has announced the result, and the member makes the request immediately afterward, the request may be granted by only unanimous consent. After the assembly has moved on to other business, the member may not cast a vote at all.

1 hour ago, Need advice said:

 They had just put in their resignation and it was to be effective at the end of the meeting. 

If the resignation is not effective until the end of the meeting, then the individual remains a member until that time. So this fact has no bearing on the question asked.

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