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Chair overruling a vote

Guest Can

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9 minutes ago, Guest Can said:

Can the chair refuse to comply with the result of a vote?

Well, he is supposed to comply with adopted motions and resolutions just as all members are,  but forcing him to do so can be a bit problematic since there is no RONR Police Department you can call upon. If the President (or the chair) refuses to abide by adopted motions, he would be subject to disciplinary proceedings which could range from a motion of censure to removal from office and expulsion.

RONR has a complete chapter of about 26 pages on disciplinary proceedings. It’s the last chapter in the book, chapter XX 

You might also take a look at FAQ #20 on the main website regarding removal from office.  Scroll down on this list to question number 20. It’s the last question. https://robertsrules.com/frequently-asked-questions/#faqs

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