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Can an organisation suspend a member after the member has resigned in an effort to deprive him of privileges he losses when suspended but not if he is not a member

Koot van der Walt

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If the member has submitted a resignation from membership AND the resignation has been accepted, then the person is no longer a member and is no longer subject to disciplinary action pursuant to RONR.  There might be, however, other legal remedies available if the member has caused harm to the organization.

The organization is under no obligation to accept the resignation if the member is attempting to resign in order to avoid disciplinary action.   The key here is likely whether the resignation has been accepted and has become effective.

Here is a key provision on the subject from §63.6 of the 12th edition of RONR:

63: 6 If a member or officer is guilty of a serious offense and knows that other members are in possession of the facts, he may wish to submit his resignation. When the good of the society appears to demand the departure of an offender, it is usually best for all concerned to offer him the opportunity to resign quietly before charges are preferred. The society has no obligation to suggest or accept such a resignation at any stage of the case, however, even if it is submitted on the offender’s own initiative.  (Emphasis added)


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I see some puzzles if the "naughty person" is not a direct member of the organization, but a member of a member organisation.

Or just a member of a "naughty  member" organization but himself in good standing.

You need much more than the statement given earlier to take care of all these options.

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