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Filling a VP Vacancy

Guest Mary Cooper

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Our VP position is vacant and below are our bylaw section referring to vacancy.  One person is suggesting we vote in one of the Directors to take the officer position and then vote in another person the take the director position.  I am not sure our bylaws truly allow us to fill 2 positions in this case?  We have a nominating committee the provides candidates to the membership for specific positions each year for the membership to vote on and we are only filling a vacancy.  Any guidance would be great.  


"Section 4. Vacancies. Any vacancies occurring on the Board or among the officers during the year shall be filled until the next Annual Meeting by a majority vote of all of the remaining members of the Board at its first regular meeting following the creation of such a vacancy, or at a Special Board Meeting called for that purpose. The election also may be conducted through a poll of the Board conducted by the Recording Secretary, or by the Corresponding Secretary if the vacancy is in the office of Recording Secretary. However, a vacancy in the office of President shall be filled automatically by the Vice President and the resulting vacancy in the office of Vice President shall be filled by the Board. At the next Annual Election the balance of the term of any vacant position previously filled by the Board shall be filled by a membership election as provided in Article IV Sections 2, 3, and 4."


Thank you 

Mary Cooper

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You might check your bylaws to see if they prohibit a person from holding two offices at the same time. In other words, perhaps the board could elect one of its own members to fill the vacancy in the vice president position while that person could still retain his board position. Then you would only need one election to fill one vacancy.

If that is not possible or not feasible because of conflicting duties of the VP and the board position, then I don't see anything in the bylaw excerpt you posted that would prevent your group from filling two vacancies.

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I don't see any reason against "promoting" a boardmember to vice president,  and  filling the vacancy in the board by another person. 

The board should try to find the best person to fill the office of vice-President and if the board favors a boardmember,  why not?

There can be some curious problem if the remaining  term of the promoted boardmember is longer than that of the vice-president and the assembly decides on another vice president but I think that is very theoretical. 

The bylaws seems to make no difference between a vacancy for an ordinary boardmember and an officer (other than the president) 

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