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illegal amendmet to bylaws

Guest loreen

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The bylaws committee included several amendments that conflict with the bylaws of the parent organization. The proposed document has already been sent to members as prescribed. What is the procedure for removing them now? Would it be a motion to withdraw the amendment to those sections or an amendment to delete the offending wording? Or something else?

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4 minutes ago, Guest loreen said:

What is the procedure for removing them now?

Just don't bring them up.  The mere fact that they have been proposed and noticed to the membership or even that they are on a proposed agenda doesn't mean that someone must move forward on them and move their introduction.  However, an explanation that they are being "withdrawn" and will not be acted on would probably go a long way toward satisfying the members' curiosity as to what is going on.  I'm assuming that the proposed bylaw amendments are just proposals at this stage and have not actually been voted on.


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