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Voting record format on resolutions

Guest tammy.wilson@bwwb.org

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Guest tammy.wilson@bwwb.org

I would like to know the correct way to reflect voting of Board members on an item when there is NOT a roll call vote. 

If the vote was unanimous of course it will reflect that the vote was unanimous.  If one person abstained for instance, would the resolution read that is was adopted on a particular date; however (insert the Board Director's name) abstained?  Is this the correct format?


Resolution No. 0000 was adopted on March 21, 2023.  Director John Doe abstained.

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There is no usually no reason to record abstentions at all.  If there is not a roll-call vote, then the identities of the voters are not recorded.

  • If the vote was a voice vote, the minutes simply record that it was adopted (or rejected).
  • If the vote a rising vote or show of hands, but not actually counted, then the same applies.
  • If the vote was counted, then the vote count on each side is recorded and the fact that it was adopted or rejected.  This would apply to a counted rising vote, counted show of hands, or a ballot vote.  In the case of a ballot vote, the entire Tellers' Report is included in the minutes. (See RONR 12th ed. 45:37)
  • If the vote was by roll call, the names of the voters, and how they voted is recorded.  If there are abstentions, a sufficient number of those can be recorded to confirm that a quorum was present.
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