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Not breaking up a quorum

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They can discuss whatever they want, including business. But, act in the name of the organization, formally and officially? Not a chance.

(And answering the question literally: yeah, pretty much everyone who habituates this premier Internet parliamentary forum knows what the rules are regarding this, and some other rules too. What a bunch a' geeks. If my cable weren't out, I'd'a' watched Burn Notice and Buffy instead. Confused got some happenstance to be thankful for. Or to regret.)

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I recently left a meeting, after it adjourned and went home.

Okay. The official meeting is over.

I found out later, that everyone but 2 people went to one of the members homes and "buisness" was discussed.

Does anyone know what the rules are regarding this?

No rule was violated -- unless secrecy was invoked earlier (in a proper meeting, for specific item or issue).

See "executive session" in RONR.

If there wasn't an invocation of executive session, then no rule of Robert's Rules of Order was violated.

And even if they did invoke executive session, then as long as members talk to members, then no secrecy will have been violated, since executive session only prohibits nonmembers' ears/eyes from hearing/seeing the deliberations of whatever the members discussed.

Member-to-member communication is allowed under executive session.

Bottom line:

There is no "gag rule" in RONR.

Members are free to talk to members.

A rule, or a custom, must say otherwise.

RONR says that certain bodies traditionally meet in executive session.

But, again, that the "their" tradition, and not a rule of RONR, which is responsible for the secrecy of that body.

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