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Grievance procedure & basis to file


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I read the Grievance rules in RONR and our bylaws committee is trying to use that as a basis to amend ours.

Currently a member can file one against another member if they violate our code of ethics, but there can I suppose be issues not included in that code, it also needs to be redrafted I suppose.

Do most societies base the filing of a grievance on a violation of a code of ethics or is there a simple method or wording that can be used to encompass various violations?


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Guest marciefalco@aol.com

Established in 1957, our non-profit organization have followed Robert's Rules until this year 2020 admistration. Our President does not feel comfortable holding a formal monthly meeting, so our past President is conducting them at the present.  She's always conducted a proper meeting but now it seems to becoming  unraveled A member of 8 months has taken over as Treasurer & is now on the Board of Directors.  He is the person that some of us on the Board are having the grievance with.  He's has nasty comments, acts like a bully, feels entitled, of course wants his own way, & has no respect to the members/volunteers who have been very active in the daily chores/tasks/duties of an all volunteer organization.  After 13 years as bookkeeper, she was forced to leave because of him & the office manager, as they continued to undermine her bookkeeping skills & forced her to leave...not on good terms.  Then, our new bully Treasurer hires his bookkeeper from his company to take her place.                     He then sends out nasty emails to whoever he doesn't agree with for various reasons & issues.  I told our Office Manager/President to deal this.  So far nothing has changed.  How can we file a grievance with this nasty bully?

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