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leaving the forum


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To change your emaiil options you can try the following:

  • Find your name at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click the down arrow to the right of your name.
  • Select My Settings.
  • I believe the settings you are looking for are under the Forum tab of the My Settings screen.




I can't locate the link to remove my e mail from this forum so I no longer recieve RONR forum e mails to my inbox.

Can you walk me throught it.


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To change your emaiil options you can try the following . . .

FWIW, I had the impression that gregory wants to leave the forum, hence the title of his topic and his request to "remove", not merely change, his e-mail address.

It's my understanding that one can't be member without an e-mail address and that one can't remove oneself as a member; that has to be done by an Administrator. If that's the case, he should e-mail Ms. Evans directly (by clicking on her name and looking for the "e-mail" button).

Otherwise, as Ms. Evans noted, he can go to the Control Panel and check the box that says:

Hide my email address from other members

Enabling this option will deny other members sending you an email via the board.

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