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Is there any way to affect a change to a decision by the group or somehow request another look at the decision after the vote has been taken?


If X was adopted, then it may be possible that X may be RESCINDED, or X may be AMENDED (assuming that whatever X was, is still ongoing; some things cannot rescinded/amended because there is nothing left, as X is 100% completely executed).

If X is complete, and cannot be undone, you might be able to make a new motion, whose effect would be to offset X or to mitigate X. -- E.g., a purchase, once received and paid for, cannot be rescinded. But a new motion, "That Product P be returned for credit," might be possible. Or, "That that we obtain a new estimate to re-do the poorly painted barn by Vendor V."

If X was defeated, then you are free to move X again.

Q. What is the net effect YOU seek? To undo something? To modify something?

If all you want to do is argue about it, that is not allowed, under Robert's Rules.

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You can move to Reconsider if you voted on the prevailing side.

The motion to Reconsider has another significant limitation which should not be omitted when suggesting it as an option, especially when, as is likely on this forum, the meeting at which the original motion was disposed of is over.

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