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Action on motions once they have been passed


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Well, if the motion itself didn't assign the chore (or make it obvious who does what) I would suppose the President, as CEO, would have the responsibility to see that whatever was done.

Though RONR doesn't exactly make the presiding officer the CEO. In the end, it's the responsibility of the general membership. It certainly wouldn't automatically fall to the secretary or the maker of the motion.

As suggested, the motion itself should often contain such details, avoiding, as some here like to say, the passive voice. For example, don't adopt a motion to paint the clubhouse red, adopt a motion directing Tom and Huck to paint the clubhouse red.

If this hasn't been done, the motion can always be amended to correct the omission.

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Once a motion has been passed, what is the procedure for it to be put into action?

Is it the duty of the secretary to follow-up to make certain the action is taken?


Unless the motion implies that only the secretary can do the job.

For example, an adopted motion which says, "The minutes shall contain _____ [list of stuff to include]", then I think it would be sane and rational to assume that no action is necessary by the assembly, since minutes already fall into the hands of a secretary.

But for abstract ideas, like a motion, "That we hold a 4th of July picnic", that will require a committee. So it is no one's responsibility, yet. Or, put another way, it is everybody's responsibility.

Or is it the duty of the individual or committee presenting the motion to carry out the motion?


Unless the motion implies that only the committee, or only the individual, can do the job.

One a new idea is adopted, then a follow up motion will likely be necessary, to instruct the appropriate party what to do, by when, and by what budget limitations.

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