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  1. Is it possible to "suspend the rules" at a meeting? Does this also include suspending the bylaws?
  2. Does RONR address bylaws? My question: If a section of bylaws states: The President shall appoint all committees. But another section states: The members shall appoint the committee. Is this not a conflict? If so, how do you determine which takes precedent? Thank you.
  3. Is it ever proper for the Chair to make a motion from the podium?
  4. Yikes! We just concluded a meeting that turned out to be a real train wreck. The Chair completely lost control. Members were angry. Consistently interrupted the speaker. Argued with each other, ignoring the Chair. Rude behavior. Please, what are some suggestions to gain control and rules to cite that will restore order?. Are there consequences for members that so disrupt a meeting? - Bob
  5. Scenario: Non profit membership organization. Under duress and between meetings, a board member resigns via an email to the President. Now, that board member has changed their mind and wants to continue on the board. Question: When is the resignation "final". Can it nor be considered final until it is recorded at the next meeting? Could a motion be made to "not accept" the resignation? Thank you in advance for your answers. - Bob
  6. Are there any rules that govern to the question of alcohol being consumed during meetings? Thanks.
  7. Our annual meeting is in October, this year. Our bylaws state that proposed amendments to our bylaws require 1) that they be received by the President 60 days in advance of our annual meeting, and 2) that they be distributed to our members 30 days in advance of our annual meeting. A committee has been working on updating our bylaws with several amendments included. A draft of these updated bylaws has been presented to our President 60 days in advance of the annual meeting. The President will send a copy to the members 30 days in advance of the annual meeting. My question is - given the advance deadlines required, will the members be able to further amend these updated bylaws at the annual meeting - or is it strictly a motion to adopt or not adopt the updated bylaws, as presented? Thanks for your help.
  8. I'm troubled by this section of our bylaws: Regular meetings of Smith Community Group are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7PM. Regular meetings will be at the Smith Community Hall, 100 Main St., Jonesville. Dates, time or locations for the Smith Community Group meetings may be changed if needed with notification of members. My concern: 1) Can you change the "Dates, time or locations " of "regular meetings" -- or does the altered date, time, location make such a meeting a "special meeting"? 2) There is no specific requirement for how muhc notification is needed. A week, a month? I can't find any reference in Robert's Rules of Order. Please advise.
  9. Is this accurate: "According to the bylaws, and parliamentary procedure, a matter which has been discussed and voted upon at a meeting of the organization cannot be re-introduced at the next meeting. This would amount to harassment by a minority. Any follow up discussion must "hold over" until the 2nd meeting after the vote was taken." Thanks. - Bob
  10. Our bylaws are silent on requirements to amend them. Does RONR provide guidelines for making bylaws and/or articles of incorporation amendments, in terms of notifying members and/or board members so many days in advance, and whether a 2/3rds majority is required to pass a bylaws/articles change? Do bylaws/articles changes need to be made at a regular meeting? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  11. Please assist. Scenario: A membership organization, where members pay dues to belong. A vote was taken on a motion at our meeting on November 9. The motion failed to be adopted and the vote was 7 to 7. This morning, a member has argued that one of the members voting had not paid their dues, and therefore the vote is nullified and the motion was adopted. Is this correct? If not - can the vote be reconsidered? If so, when? Please advise.
  12. I believe I understand the basics of reconsidering a motion: Motion for reconsideration must be brought on the day or the next day the motion was adopted. Must be made by someone who voted in the "affirmative". Requires a majority to be reconsidered and then is back on the floor. Otherwise, a motion to reconsider that is not brought back the day of or the day following the original motions being adopted, or by someone who did not vote in the "affirmative" would require a 2/3rds majority vote. Do I have that correct? If so, here's my question. What, if anything, could be done if you do not want a motion reconsidered? For example, could there be any subsequent motion made that would permanently take the adopted motion "off the table"? Thanks.
  13. We are a nonprofit organization consisting of individual subordinate "chapters". Two delegates from each chapter map attend our annual meeting and represent that chapter. Our bylaws provide that "delegates" may speak and vote on questions before the body. Traditionally, non-delegates have been permitted to speak on questions (but not vote) with permission from their delegation. However, this could result in dozens of non-delegates from one chapter speaking on a particular issue. Does RONR have any direction that would limit the number of delegates and/or non-delegates from one chapter that may speak on any particular issue? Thank you.
  14. Thank you all. I understand the idea to "not disturb the assembly". What actions would the Chair typically take to restore order if the assembly is disturbed, if raping the gavel does not do it? Would the Chair recess the proceedings until order is restored? Can the Chair call a motion "deleterious" and what are the effects of doing so?
  15. We are a nonprofit membership organization about to hold our annual meeting where approximately 100 "delegates" will each have one equal vote on questions. We are anticipating a contentious meeting. This is one of a few posts to this forum asking for advice on matters where our bylaws are silent or we are uninforemd. Thank you in advance for your advice. Revisiting a motion during a session. Our annual meetings are a three day session, recessed at the end of a day until reconvened the next day. If a motion is adopted, can it be "revisited" (raised and voted on again, with the purpose to change the results of the original vote) during the same annual meeting?
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