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  1. In other words, 2/3 have to agree one way or another - either 2/3 to adopt or 2/3 to suspend the requirement for a 2/3 vote.
  2. I have already put in my order for the 12th Edition of RONR, but the full book and the 3rd Edition of the In Brief version. I take it that many others on this site have already pre-ordered their copies?
  3. Yes, an abstention is not a vote, so if there are not any 'no' votes then it is a unanimous vote - even there is only one vote and 99 abstentions.
  4. Richard, I too know of organizations that have committees like this. Also, there are decisions that the Committee has to make: are there specific birthdays/anniversaries that they will send cards out for or all birthdays/anniversaries? How long before those events does the card have to be sent out? How will the card be sent (electronically or by 'snail mail' or hand delivered)? Where do you purchase the cards from?
  5. I had the same problem. No idea what happened, just happy the forum is back!
  6. I'll second any motion made to that effect, as well as debating in favour of the motion, and voting for the motion.
  7. Getting involved in committees about 12 years ago. I am still learning. I admit to getting mixed up sometimes still.
  8. To be honest, I never understood why you haven't created an account here Edgar. It's free as mentioned above.
  9. That was my basis of thinking - and it would be nice if the orignal poster would clarify the issue. I believe the question is basically as follows: At the March Board meeting, the Board passes a motion to take a certain action. Two weeks later, at the AGM, new Board members are elected, with a majority of members now being elected for the first time. Can the Board, at its meeting in April, now have to follow through with the motion passed in March. I would assume, that depending on the nature of the motion, the Board could amend or rescind something previously adopted. it at the April meet
  10. Thank you for catching my mistake - I have corrected it. What?
  11. In other words, a majority of votes cast is required to elect. So if only on person votes, that person elects whoever he/she voted for. Members have the right to abstain which does not factor into whether or not a member is elected. Edited on April 28th at 4:20 pm (EDT) to correct a typo.
  12. Well complete or act upon the motions if the new Board is in favour of them. Otherwise the Board could rescind motions that have not been acted upon and perhaps stop the completion of motions which have been partly implemented.
  13. Unless the statute, or the By-laws of the organization, state otherwise then the ex-Board member is free to run for any open position at the next AGM.
  14. True. Okay I re-read the issue, and yes the By-laws stop the President from being on the Nominating Committee automatically. But at the same time I guess the issue for me is that if the members do not have a problem with the President being on the Nominating Committee then the restriction should be removed. But if this is a one off situation (i.e. the members want the person who just happens to be the current President to be on the Nominating Committee, not the President - the officer - on the Committee) then there is no point amending the By-laws.
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